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Tales of Etrian Odyssey

Florence had healed broken limbs and raised the dead but she didn't know how to cure fear. The entire Bonne guild sat in silence in a cobwebbed corner of the Golden Deer Pub until Galahad cleared his throat. "What if we use a Ward Chime? That always scared away wolves back home," said Galahad with a shaky voice. Simon leaned forward with an evil grin and spoke, "YEAH, AND YOU USED TO BULLSEYE TREERATS WITH YOUR T-16 BACK HOME BUT YOU CAN'T HIT THE BROAD SIDE OF THE YGGDRASIL AROUND HERE." Florence slammed her hand on the table and stood up, "Arguing will get us no closer to killing Fenrir. We need a plan. A Ward Chime is a good idea but these are no ordinary wolves. These are F.O.E.'s we're talking about here. FullMetl, can you conjure forth Fire?" Lost in thought Fullmetl mumbled, "I come from a long line of Ice Alchemists, Fire is a forbidden weapon to my people." Florence sighed, "And you, Nico?" Finishing off a pint of ale, Nico said "All I know is Bravery, Shelter, Mercury and Ymir. I can't hit the high E in Blaze, sorry."

"We have no choice, the beast must be defeated. We'll stock up on Medica and leave first thing in the morning," said Florence. Simon nodded and spoke, "We've taken on Stalkers, how hard could a wolf be?"

The weary guild woke in the morning and descended to the dreaded B5F. They stood outside the door to Fenrir's lair and heard the beast and her minions feasting on carrion. "We'll lure her away from the others and launch our attack. Drink some Medica so that you're at full strength," whispered Florence. Simon slowly opened the great door. The smell of the dead was familiar to Simon, it reminded him of his father. Galahad stepped behind Simon and cracked a small branch laying on the ground. Fenrir was too consumed with her meal to notice the adventures but as they stepped closer the massive wolf turned her head and drilled her gaze into Florence. The blood on her fur reminded FullMetl of Red Fruit lying in the snow. Fenrir inched closer as the guild stepped back and readied their weapons.
"Move slowly," said Florence "we don't want to alert the others." Fenrir's steps sunk into the soft mud as the party cautiously moved backwards. A twig bent itself against Nico's back but it did not startle her, instead she drew her bow and fired a single arrow into Fenrir's leg. As soon as the arrow made it's way in, Fenrir pulled it out with her blood-soaked teeth and tossed it behind her. Galahad quickly drew his bow and fired a shot with equal vigor but only grazed the beast's barrel-like ribcage. In an instant, FullMetl slapped his hands together with a crack and a burst of poison rose to the surface of his skin. The noxious liquid lept from his hands onto Fenrir but the beast was not poisoned. Florence braced herself as she watched Simon strike with his whip. Simon's attack infuriated the beast and she hurled herself at him like a drunk wench at the Golden Deer. Simon's body flew back into an oak tree as Fenrir flipped back to defend herself.

Simon dusted himself off and said, "THAT'S IT, THE GLOVES ARE COMIN' OFF." Before anyone could respond, Simon wrapped Fenrir's mouth shut but it was taking two hands just to keep from losing his binding. "Galahad, aim for her legs, I don't want her to break free," said Florence as she began bandaging Simon. FullMetl spoke up, "She appears to be resistant to Poison and her thick white coat will be quite resistant to Ice. What shall I do?" The solution hit Florence like an Apollon of arrows. She said, "Nico, sing the song of Ymir. It will weaken her defense against Ice."

Time seemed to slow to a halt as Nico began to sing. For a moment, Simon lost his focus on Fenrir and was captivated.

A beard of snow, a heart of ice,
from his blood were oceans born.
By Odin's hands his flesh retooled,
hills and valleys, his bones adorn.

As soon as the last word left her lips FullMetl flung Ice at the enemy but the beast did not flinch. With her head fully bound, Fenrir charged once more. Simon stepped to the side and shoved Fenrir into an oak tree accidentally knocking the binding loose. As the whip untangled Fenrir let out a blood-curdling howl. In a flash two Skolls appeared and began circling Fenrir. Simon struck again with his whip attempting to bind her mouth but Fenrir raised her head and the whip lassoed her canine tooth instead. Fenrir growled as she clamped down and severed the end of the whip. Simon drew back the whip mournfully and said, "SHE CASTRATED IT. THAT WAS A FAMILY HEIRLOOM." Nico quipped, "Coulda been the family jewels, amirite?"

The tide of the battle had turned and Florence spoke, "Full Metl, use the Blaze Oil on Galahad's bow, all else has failed." FullMetl retorted, "Use fire?" Galahad shot a flaming arrow directly at Fenrir but one of her Skoll pups lost his life taking the arrow in his side for his mother. Nico took aim and fired an arrow directly into the other Skoll pup. Fenrir lumbered forward and sank her teeth into Simon as he sulked, killing him instantly. With that Nico fired an arrow at Fenrir's feet which frightened Fenrir enough for her to raise up on her hind legs and in that moment of opportunity an arrow erupted from Galahad's bow which dove straight into Fenrir's heart, killing her. Florence raced to Simon's aid. "Dammit, Simon," Florence said as she laid her hands on Simon's chest. Strands of flesh closed the wounds as she revived him."I can't do much for Simon, I'm out of energy. Let's just use a Warp Wire and get out of here." said Florence in an hushed tone. Crickets chirped as everyone looked around.

"Tell me someone brought a Warp Wire." There was complete silence now. "You've got to be kidding me. We're in no state to travel back at night. Nico, FullMetl, and Galahad, take Simon back a ways and chop some wood to build a fire. I'll be right behind you, I'm going to barricade this door." Simon was barely breathing as they drug him out of Fenrir's lair.

Florence stepped to Fenrir's motionless body and knelt down. Until now she hadn't noticed the large patches of fur missing. Fenrir was covered in years of scars. It occured to Florence that if she had not already been in a weakened state no one in her party would have survived. Florence felt fortunate as she removed the arrows from Fenrir's chest and whispered a small prayer as she closed the beast's lifeless eyes.
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