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Fable 2 co-op and combat gameplay up.

Fable 2 finally showing off what seems to not be test area. The videos were a bit laggy for me and there was a glitch in the walking scripting on the co-op video but for the most part i am starting to get more amped about this game. It seem...


What does everyone do!

I was mindlessly putting shit on the shelf today at work and a strange question popped into my head. What the hell do all the other c-bloggers do for income? And then another question glazed my brain... is anyone planning on actually gettin...


older pc game question [tough]

Can't really discribe this game that i'm looking for other then in was a tycoon-ish game where you were a mob family versus other mob families. The art style was like theme hospital and the game came out i'm thinking closer to about 1997. I...


Dtoid or OwnProject.

So before I start getting the flames I DO understand this is a blog on a website called destructoid. I know the people who blog here makes the moneys for being journalist for Dtoid and I am not trying in any way to state that i am anywhere ...


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