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16-bit Jeff
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Panel Talk: Issue #001

On the debut episode of Panel Talk, Hosts 16bit Jeff & EZ Rider are joined this week with the host of the ikaricast, Xaos and the co-host of the Wrestlecast, MattyJay. The News Articles are Courtasy of ComicBookMovie (http://www.comicbook...


Finally, My 1st LP is....

If anyone has followed The Geek Fighter's Twitter (@TheGeekFighters), I've been having one Hell of a time trying to record a Let's Play. The keyword being Try! First off, when our site launched mid-March, My original plan was to do an LP...


Booting up.....

Hello, I'm 16-bitJeff. I've been a constant viewer of Dtoid since mid-late 2007. The Reason Why I brought this site up is, this March, myself and my friend jerry were inspired by Dtoid, and other Gaming centric Sites (looking at you Screw...


About 16-bit Jeffone of us since 10:37 PM on 10.05.2009

Name: Jeff

Age: 22

Birthday: March 20th

Location: MA

I've been a gamer since 4 years old.

My First system owned was a NES. First played was an Atari 2600. I was one of those rare gamers in the 90's that owned both an SNES and a Genesis :)

I do a Retro gaming podcast called [Under Development] and it's hosted on podomatic at https://underdevelopment.podomatic.com/

Favorite Genres: FPS, RPG, Action-Adventure, Point-and-Click (especially the old Sierra/LucasArts games)

If there's any that wants to follow me on twitter: @JJustinWilliams (Now @16bitJeff. To reflect the site I Work on, thegeekfighters.com)

my e-mail: jeff.williams088@gmail.com