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Commandments of the True Gamer

Thou Shalt Not Be A Fanboy
Every platform in history has at least one reason to play it. Except maybe the CD-I. As long as there are exclusive titles, there is no reason to be a Fanboy. Hating a console just because you dislike the company who developed it is ridiculous. The people who built the console do not make the games. You are only depriving yourself of some excellent games. Owning and playing only one console when each has unique games is a shame. Unless youíre broke and one console is all you can afford, then itís ok.

Thou Shalt Respect Thy Elders
The games you play today would not be possible if not for the games of yesterday. Classic games paved the way for the Current Gen titles we have today. Just because they are old, or the graphics are not mind-blowing, does NOT mean they are not fun. Classic and old school games deserve just as much attention as the latest releases. Seek out and play some classic games, you might actually have some fun.

Thou Shalt Not Cheat
It feels great to finish a game all on your own. Solving that puzzle, finding the bosses weak spot, barely surviving that last firefight, makes you feel a little powerful and gives you a real sense of accomplishment. Cheat codes and walkthroughs are for the weak. Beat the game on your own. The experience will be much more enjoyable.

Thou Shalt Bear Witness
Many games work hard to tell a story. One of the greatest parts of a game is the story telling, the dialogue, the atmosphere, the writing, the immersion. Donít skip the cut-scenes. Take a minute to read the text. Pay attention. Explore your surroundings. Take in the atmosphere. You might be glad you did. Donít run through a game as fast as can, just to say you did. Take your time or you might miss out on a lot.

Thou Shalt Ignore The Heretics
Game reviewers are NOT Gods. Most of them are not even honest. The majority are biased, and many are bribed / paid off. For example, the greatest survival horror game ever may be released, but someone who doesnít like survival horror games reviews it. Of course he is going to give it a bad score. If a game looks good / interesting to you, but it gets bad reviews, PLAY IT ANYWAY. You will probably still like it. Donít immediately dismiss a game because so and so in such and such magazine gave it a below average score. You are capable of forming your own opinions.

Thou Shalt Honor Thy Opponents
When you play online against other actual people, donít be a dick. Itís ok if youíre new to the game and donít know what to do, as long as you try to learn. Donít kill your teammates. Donít sing songs. Donít talk about dumb shit. Donít run around like a retard. Actually try to play the game. If you get killed, donít curse people out and donít complain. Nobody likes a dick. Well, I guess some people do like dicks, but thatís a totally different topic.
This also applies to the opposite side. If someone is a ďnewbĒ but trying to learn, and trying to play correctly, donít chastise them. Donít be an ass to them. Help them out. Give them tips, pointers.
We all know that online communities are usually 80% fuckwads, but maybe we can change that.

Thou Shalt Respect Thy Fellow Gamer
Just because someone else likes a game that you hate does NOT mean that person is a moron. Sure, you might think so, but guess what? Everyone has their own opinion. Each of us is entitled to like or dislike whichever games we choose. Donít put someone down just because he or she likes a game that you think is retarded. Trust me, thereís a lot of people who hate that game you play everyday.

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