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#15: Super Meat Boy

Itís extremely difficult for an independent developer to produce a runaway hit when up against blockbuster games with million dollar budgets. Even more strenuous is creating a memorable character, however thereís something brilliantly simpl...


#14: Dark Souls

When Demonís Souls was first released to North American audiences it was purported as one of the most difficult games in existence, a reputation it rightly deserves. Friends traded stories about this excruciating challenging title to other ...


#13: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Now that the honeymoon phase is over and the dust has finally settled many will advocate that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the better game with its Michael-Bay-esque storyline and constant injection of action, but this is simply untrue...


#12: From Dust

From Dust seems like the most unlikely title to come from a studio whose recent library is made of blockbuster franchises. With series like Assassinís Creed, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, and Rayman in its arsenal Ubisoft shows no signs ...


#11: FoldIt

There are few games that have benefited society with real-world results that donít fall under the term ďeducationalĒ. Sure, I have a better understanding of the world having hunted down Carmen Sandiego more times than I can count, and I tru...


#10: Battlefield 3

(Iím going to preface this review by stating that Iíve never been a fan of online multiplayer in the Modern Warfare franchise. I realize this entry is supposed to focus on Battlefield 3 but itís hard to talk about one without bringing up th...


#9: The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is a short experience but a worthwhile one (and a must-play for those thinking about either a career in video game writing or video game design). At best itís a metafictional quagmire, at worst itís an absurdist mind-fuc...


#8: Catherine

Not since Killer7 have I had the pleasure of playing a unique experience such as Catherine. This game is a true gem. Its greatest strength is that it takes your expectations of what a game should be and makes you realize what a game could b...


#7: Magicka

Magicka is an action role-playing game for players that donít normally play action role-playing games. It lends its success for three very distinct reasons: its humor, its simplicity, and its accessibility. Initially developed by eight stud...


#5: Limbo

As a platformer Limbo doesnít do anything to break the mold but it has one thing going for it that sets it apart from other titles: atmosphere. Taking queues from predecessors like Ico and Lost in Shadow, the player navigates a nameless boy...


About 1001VideoGamesone of us since 12:38 PM on 04.22.2012

Dear Viewer,

Hello and welcome to my channel ď1001 Video Games You Must PlayĒ, also known as 1001 Video Games. In 2010, Universe Publishing released ď1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You DieĒ. The book was edited by Tony Moss and stands as a primer for the best video games released over the past 35 years. Each entry presents a game and a descriptive paragraph explaining the social context in which the game was made and the lasting impact it had on players as a whole.

Now originally, this website was created as a chronicle in my epic quest to finish all 1001 video games. I realize now that this is too great a task for just one person. But after a long time I realized that I could just as easily start my own personal journey with my great love for video games.

So instead of playing all 1001 video games in Mottís book, Iíve decided to take it upon myself to chronicle the next 1001 video games in the hope that the next 35 years will be just as memorable for this medium. Iím not going to lie to you. Iím an extremely casual gamer, so the entries for this list will come slowly but surely over the coming months/years, beginning with games created in the early-2010s onward.

Whatís great about video games today is that they arenít simply relegated to consoles and the PC. Games made specifically for smartphones (e.g. Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc.) are really starting to come into their own. Similarly, independent developers are making great strides with games released on the Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and Steam. I realize this sounds like a lot but I believe if I take this one day at a time it wonít be long before I reach one thousand and one entries.

This website will also host my Youtube channel so check out my channel as well. Also feel free to email me with games and suggestions for future entries.

All the best!

David Halpert
The Millennium Gamer