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Tales of Etrian Odyssey

Tales of Etrian Odyssey

Etrian Odyssey is one of those games that aren’t for everyone but for those that like the game, is an experience that you will never forget.

I love almost everything from this game, the different classes, map tool, music, and art style. There is almost nothing that you won’t love about this game, well maybe the one thing that you will hate are the FOE and the boss battles , but killing them is so rewarding that you will enjoy killing them.

One of the most memorable moments of this game is the labyrinth or the dudgeons; each stratum was unique and very detailed and colorful that you almost feel being in the game exploring this fascinating labyrinth trying to discover it secrets.

Another memorable moment I had in the game was trying to find the nest of the ant queen, because once I started a fight with the ants FOE it was almost impossible to get out of them. Before I was able to kill one, another ant was already joining the fight, most of the time I escaped with one or two party members alive. Etrian is a game that doesn’t forgive mistakes and every move is an action of live or dead situation.

My favorite character of the game is the landsknecht not only because it looks cool but also because it can use sword attacks with magic, axes and the 2hit skill was always a TP saver, when trying to kill weak enemies.

For those that haven’t played this game give it a try once you find the wonders of the labyrinth you will want to come back again for more.

To finish this post a nice picture of the official artwork of the game
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