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Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player is, well, let's just say they missed the memo @ Amazon today


Those deviant devils of dystopian dioramas at Amazon must be chasing the dragon today. Yesterday they were selling the HD-DVD player for $129.99 which was a nice $50 chunk off (like that scene in Se7en, you know the one) and last night it jumped back up to $179.99. Ok. So now that they've tasted the sweetness of weird price rollercoasters, they cried more, more, more WAAAAAHHHH! Also, Rebel Yell.

As of right now you can get the HD-DVD player add-on w/ a free copy of King Kong and 5 other free movies via the mail at the lower, but not really lower, price of $149.99 + free shipping. I'll keep an eye out today in case it starts riding the wave and drops all the way down to $5. It could happen.
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