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Sony wants to know: Do you like Xbox Live more than just a friend?


Sony disappointed a lot of people with the feature set of the the 2.0 firmware update. There were nifty, but kinda "not what we wanted" stuff such as remote turn on and playlist features, not to mention the rather useless and aesthetically confusing news ticker. Where were the Xbox Live type features -- the ability to access the XMB in-game, send message in-game, sync headsets in-game and other in-game related business to make life easier? You know, the sexy things that make us want to stick around and not trade-up. Looks like Sony's feeling a little jealous and jaded, because they want to know just how much we like their rival's lovely assets.

I received an e-mail from the PlayStation Underground asking me to take a survey and in return, I could win some free games. I'm a sucker for free anything, so I chomped at the bit. What you see above is what awaits you towards the end of the question-o-rama. Hopefully Sony takes notice that most, if not all, PS3 owners want the messaging/friend/general ease of Live to come and give them sweet loving. Do it Sony, please?! We'll love you forever. Promise*.

*I make no promises.
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