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Shirt.Woot!: The Carpal Tunnelizer wants to cripple your soul, but make you look hawt


That controller would so make you its bitch, even John Romero wouldn't be able to sleep at night. Like a giant Katamari of misery and sadness, this sonofabitch wants to roll you up into its hell maw and make people wish the PS3erang was real so it could swoop in and do battle with this beast. Hell, even The Duke would submit to this plastic badass in a No-Holds Barred Dectagonal Pudding Match�.

If you're feeling brave, or maybe you just want to get on its good side early for when it takes over the world, Shirt.Woot! has you covered -- but only for today. $10 will net you the gaming t-shirt equivalent of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand (the archduke, not the band, unfortunately) and the crumbling of the Berlin Wall all in one. What I'm trying to say is this means business and the post can't get any more overblown and dramatic. The line in the sand is drawn -- choose wisely.
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