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Flash gaming just got epic...adventure style!


Something coerced me out of the dark hole I've been living in -- something of a greater power. Remember how Doc Brown fell, hit his head and had a vision of the flux capacitor which would then make time travel possible as well as some pretty rad movies? Well, I got a blue light installed in my pants that glows whenever adventure games are near. It's almost the same thing. Almost.

What is it that's causing my pants to glow blue exactly? It could be the Blue Raspberry MD 20/20 that I'm so fond of, or this blasted bulb might actually be sensing the awesomeness of Bow Street Runners.

It's a massively cool point and click adventure game (MCPACAG?) created in Flash with full motion video! Holy crap, the 90s are back! Sarcasm aside, it's really well done, tons of fun and it has great production value with solid acting. Oh yeah, it's also historically accurate, so you might learn something! *GASP*

In the Bow Street Runner game the player becomes one of Fieldingļæ½s recruits and must work their way through a series of events in a tough and unruly Covent Garden of the 1750s. Each episode will lead the player to explore different crime scenes, collecting evidence and interviewing characters. Visually the game has a dramatic cinematic effect using a range of digital techniques including 3D sets, dynamic composition and seamlessly integrated live action footage.

Episode 1 is the only episode available right now but new episodes are going to be added on Mondays. Check it out; it's Friday and I doubt you're doing anything important. Unless you're an international crime solver, then you get a pass.

[via Kotaku]
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