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Anyone else having trouble changing their username? I'm trying to get it back to Deadgar64 sans the holiday theme and it page keeps reloading with the old name when I click save... 😭😭😭


Super-Stoked for the new year! Got lots and lots of cool stuff a coming. Stay groovy, D-Toidians!


HUMBUG!.... Nah, I kid 😘. Have a groove-tastic Christmas, y'all!


We're doing #Rushtoid!? Tis my favorite "toid"! Happy Friday! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


Still, to this day, one of the most satisfactory feelings in gaming is snatching up a quad-dammage and letting the meat bits fly in Quake!


Finally I decide to post game-related art, lol :P I know he's off model but this is just kinda a fun interpretation. I maintain that there should be a game where you go around as him and tie princesses to railroads...


I feel I should post more. I lurk a bunch but there's so much going on: B-days, babies, and my favorite; Soulbow and Charlton Heston lobbing homo-erotic quips at one another. #MyFavoriteThingAboutDtoid


Willing to bet I'm not the only person whom, while playing through ICO, says aloud to themselves "If only I had a fucking Hookshot!"


Can I get a show of hands?: How many of y'all are programmers?


We lost a good one today. Felt like doing one up for Stan. Gonna miss ya, brutha.


Greetings from L.A.! Out to see MST3K with the Lass. Happy birthday to y'all lovely boys!


Today is erection da.... Er'... Um, I mean ELECTION day. Vote the hell outta today folks 😊👍🗽


Did some art for a friend's band's gig flyer. Then I made this nifty poster version. Fun Fact: The Guitar was originally a dong ;)


We're absolutely spoiled here when it comes to community and ESPECIALLY community managers and mods. So when there's trouble, IMO, the best course of action is to rally. #Pandatoid because we appreciate you here Lass! So very much.


@Brad Majors.... Tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-touch meeeeee!


New name, new avatar, new HOLIDAY! Nothing spoopier than being dead, eh?


Realized I missed a few B-days here so I made a cake to say Happy B-Day to everyone I've missed and to Mr. Blues and Hlarge!


Hey everybody, say hello to my brother, @Grygore if you see him around. He's good folk!


Okay kitten-cats, I've never done an #AMAtoid before. But it seems,like the "in" thing. Fire away friendos!


Did more art. It's for a secret project! Shout-out to Dr Mel for hitting the front page!!!!


Did another art. I call him Derek.


Something-something-bandwagon. Something-something-#viziertoid. Something-something-[Julia Dreyfus is hot!]


Good Tuesday, y'all! Here's some "art" I've been making. P.S. Alphadeus is a badass!


Not sure if it's old news but... I feel that Quake champions is... confused. It's not bad... it's just confused. Anyone else have thoughts?


Lost control of my car on the freeway today on the way home from work. I kid you not, I saved the thing by remembering the Skip Barber portions of Gran Turismo 3 on how to save a fish tail. It just may have kept me alive today 👍.


Jesus... just, so much 'YES' Nina Struthers. So much fucking 'YES'!


All streaming games and no proper consoles, huh? Yeah, count me out. That'll just mean I can get through my backlog of games from the early 2000'S. Oy.


DOOM imps... Are they fuzzy, scaly, or leathery? They... Always looked fuzzy to me.


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