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Today is erection da.... Er'... Um, I mean ELECTION day. Vote the hell outta today folks 😊👍🗽


Did some art for a friend's band's gig flyer. Then I made this nifty poster version. Fun Fact: The Guitar was originally a dong ;)


We're absolutely spoiled here when it comes to community and ESPECIALLY community managers and mods. So when there's trouble, IMO, the best course of action is to rally. #Pandatoid because we appreciate you here Lass! So very much.


@Brad Majors.... Tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-touch meeeeee!


New name, new avatar, new HOLIDAY! Nothing spoopier than being dead, eh?


Realized I missed a few B-days here so I made a cake to say Happy B-Day to everyone I've missed and to Mr. Blues and Hlarge!


Hey everybody, say hello to my brother, @Grygore if you see him around. He's good folk!


Okay kitten-cats, I've never done an #AMAtoid before. But it seems,like the "in" thing. Fire away friendos!


Did more art. It's for a secret project! Shout-out to Dr Mel for hitting the front page!!!!


Did another art. I call him Derek.


Something-something-bandwagon. Something-something-#viziertoid. Something-something-[Julia Dreyfus is hot!]


Good Tuesday, y'all! Here's some "art" I've been making. P.S. Alphadeus is a badass!


Not sure if it's old news but... I feel that Quake champions is... confused. It's not bad... it's just confused. Anyone else have thoughts?


Lost control of my car on the freeway today on the way home from work. I kid you not, I saved the thing by remembering the Skip Barber portions of Gran Turismo 3 on how to save a fish tail. It just may have kept me alive today 👍.


Jesus... just, so much 'YES' Nina Struthers. So much fucking 'YES'!


All streaming games and no proper consoles, huh? Yeah, count me out. That'll just mean I can get through my backlog of games from the early 2000'S. Oy.


DOOM imps... Are they fuzzy, scaly, or leathery? They... Always looked fuzzy to me.


Ay folks! Been getting my lurk-game on more so lately than posting anything. Hope y'all are doing spiffy! Been playing DOS games as of late. Be sharing more about the Pentium project later :)


So remember like, a year ago I was building a Pentium i200 machine? No? Well, either way I'm almost finished. Picks in the comments because mobile :D


Good Tuesday all. I was was instructed by the GF to let you know she says "Hi".


Woke up from a nightmare and am kinda shook. Can't get back to sleep. Gotta say that the most effecting nightmares are the ones based on plausible circumstances. Hoping me Sunday gets better :(


So there's a really cool site called fashionofthewild.com where you can preview link's armor and colors and such. I was super into the fashion souls thing and I think I'm into this too! Pic of my preferred garb in the comments.


Pssst, Occams.... Happy Bidet. Stay rad, my man, stay rad


Its been a bit folks. Life got all busy and such. Lets chat anyways though: Any favorite games you have that have not been revisited,remastered, or rereleased that you feel should have? I'll plop mine in the comments.


My GF on Downwell: "Oh hey, its that game you play where you shoot things with your butt"


Are collectively joining hands and loving on Occams today?! Jinkies, he's swell folk! Here's to you sir. #occamstoid


The debate: Get a PS2? Or!... Get a PS3 and mod it to play PS2 games? Any thoughts?


I've not played the original Wonder Boy games but I just got my physical Switch copy in the mail. I dig heartily. Playing it is familiar.. like coming home... I can't really explain. Its a blast!


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