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Blizzard highlights Tychus in a Heroes of the Storm spotlight


Oh that Tychus Findlay, he's so ornery

Blizzard seems to be doing a "Hero Spotlight" for Heroes of the Storm a la Riot Games and League of Legends, and the next participant is Tychus Findlay of Starcraft fame. In Heroes, Tychus will wield his giant chain gun, and an attitude, apparently.

His abilities including Overkill (a cone blast), Frag Grenade (an AOE), and Run and Gun (directional dash and attack preparation). He also seems to have two ultimates (called Heroic Abilities), the Drakken Laser Drill (a single target strike) and Commandeer Odin (an ability that lets him jump into his mech -- awesome!).

This is shaping up to be a pretty great game for MOBA newcomers, and expect lots of coverage going forward.

Tychus Hero Spotlight [Heroes of the Storm]

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