Bleszinski isn’t exactly the biggest fan of the PlayStation controller

In a recent engagement in London, Cliff Bleszinski candidly revealed that he wasn’t the biggest fan of the PlayStation 3 controller. In fact, one can even use the word “hate” and not be taking his comment out of context. He told VG247, “I hate the f***ing controller. I’m sorry, I can’t stand the PS3 controller. I love the Blu-ray player. “

Forget licensing — perhaps this is why Gears of War never saw this side of Sony’s console. Of course, the lambasting didn’t last long. Bleszinski then took the time to illustrate his appreciation of some of the quality games on the platform:

I think there are some great games for PS3. I think Metal Gear’s great. Heavenly Sword was great. But at the same time, right now, I’m always working on Xbox with Gears.

I can understand Bleszinski’s criticism in terms of FPS controls, as I think the vast majority of us would agree that Microsoft’s controller provides a much more fluid experience. But I think a third-person game like Gears of War could carry over quite spectacularly. Regardless, Bleszinski has some serious beef with the controller. Do you share his sentiment? Should we do a proper psychoanalysis and explore Bleszinski’s fantasies about controllers to get to the bottom of this?

[via Kotaku]

Brad BradNicholson