Bit.Trip team working on 3DS game, profit inevitable

Are you working on a 3DS game right now? No? Then I guess you might not make it rich next year. If you are making a 3DS game right now, then yeah, you’re probably all set. 

That’s the situation for the four man team at Gaijin Games. The guys are pretty busy; putting the finishing touches on Bit.Trip FATE, working on Bit.Trip 6, and apparently they’re doing something with a 3DS development kit right now. According to Nintendojo, CEO of Gaijin Games Alex Neuse has confirmed that his team is working on a 3DS project that will “probably go retail.” When asked about a release date, and Gaijin artist Mike Roush states that “The smart company would put [the game] out near launch.”

One thing I know for sure about Gaijin Games is that they’re smart, though it’s hard to imagine how the four of them could complete that many games at once. Maybe they don’t need to make an all new game. I will not at all be disappointed if the only 3DS game I get a launch is a 3D-ified collection of all six Bit.Trip games, as each one is nothing short of fantastic (even the iPhone port).

I’m going to try to storm castle Gaijin ASAP and check out this new project, with the hopes of producing a video segment for our new show. Wish me luck! I hear that castle Gaijin has a badass moat.

Bit.Trip Developer Confirms 3DS Project– [Nintendojo]

Jonathan Holmes
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