Bit.Trip BEAT now on available on iPhone/iPad

[Update]- The Meat just told me that the game is currently on sale for a paltry $1.99. Don’t pass this deal up! The Meat will think less of you if you do.

The under-appreciated classic Bit.Trip BEAT is now available on consoles that support the iOS. That means iPad, iPhone, and whatever other iFun is out there that I may not be aware of

One thing I am totally aware of is Bit.Trip BEAT. Here’s a review of the WiiWare build of the game, which I wrote up last year. If you don’t have time for all those words, I’ll tell you in short; Bit.Trip BEAT is pure skill based, rhythm focused gameplay at its finest. I’ve only played the iPad version for a half an hour or so, but I can say that it feels just as good as it did on WiiWare, except with more control options, crisper graphics, and achievements. There’s also the promise of Bit.Trip VOID-flavored DLC, which is something that we hinted at in this bedside interview with Commander Video.

Expect a full review of this new build as soon as I manage to finish Bit.Trip BEAT on the iPhone. The game’s last level is still hard as hell, even after practicing it for the better part of a year.

Jonathan Holmes
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