Bit Transmission episode 3

Who is that gorgeous, ripped figure standing there? I do believe it is none other than the effusive Chad Concelmo, which can mean only one thing: Someone is getting naked on this podcast.

Chad’s with us to talk Mega Man 10, but that’s not all you’re going to hear in episode 3. Other topics include linearity in Final Fantasy, the brilliance of Deadly Premonition and we give some impressions on the recent news about Playstation Move.

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Bit Transmission ep#003 
Total running time: 57:04

0:00:53 – 0:06:09 | Final Fantasy linearity (Q from Overcrowd)
0:06:21 – 0:14:49 | Deadly Premonition (Q from Corenthian)
0:15:02 – 0:20:47 | Character sex appeal 
0:21:01 – 0:29:33 | Playstation Move
0:29:49 – 0:33:30 | Peripheral fail 
0:33:46 – 0:41:45 | Mega Man 10: Pretty good, we guess 
0:56:22 – 1:00:33 | Wily is a failure 
0:48:05 – 0:56:11 | A Mega Man trifecta 
0:56:13 – 0:57:04 | Closing and episode 4 tease

Music used in this episode 
“Battle Result” – Final Fantasy XIII OST 
“Title” – Deadly Premonition
“Katamaritaino” – Katamari Damacy OST 
“Lightning’s Theme” – Final Fantasy XIII OST
“Staff Roll” – Mega Man 10
“Get a Weapon” – Mega Man 10 
“Wily Stage 1 Entrance” – Mega Man 9 OST


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Conrad Zimmerman