BioWare’s RPG?: Sega patents ‘Sonic Chronicles’

Word from CVG is that Sega has recently filed for trademark of “Sonic Chronicles,” which one can safely assume has everything to do with that nasty little bugger, Sonic the Hedgehog. A larger (but obvious) leap is that Sonic Chronicles may indeed be the name of BioWare’s unnamed Sonic role-playing game.

This is backed by your favorite female who surfs, Surfer Girl, who says in her blog that “BioWare’s Sonic Chronicles is easily the most inspired game in the Sonic franchise in years and is the best since Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast.” Of course, one could say that the mysterious little blogger is taking the obvious route; it’s almost as if Sega has been on auto-pilot with the Sonic franchise for years.

In any case, we’re crossing our fingers that whatever Sonic Chronicles is, it’s not another collection of classic Sonic games. On the other hand, the pyre is burning out, and it is getting a bit colder this winter …

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