BioWare mining data from Mass Effect 2

If you’ve been playing Mass Effect 2 while connected to the Internet, then beware, for you are being watched. BioWare has revealed that its sci-fi RPG sequel was loaded with little events that allowed it to mine data from players, working out how they played the game in order to make Mass Effect 3 a better game.

“More people played the soldier class than all of the other classes combined,” says executive producer Casey Hudson. “If you know that, then you can start thinking about future games. Is that good? Is that a problem? Should we look at the other classes and start thinking about ways to make them selected as often as soldier? As part of asking these questions, we can design games in the future a lot better.”

Other information includes the fact that fewer than 15% of gamers skipped conversations, that over half of players loaded a save from the original Mass Effect, and that PC players did fewer loyalty missions than 360 ones. 

With Rockstar having done the same thing with Red Dead Redemption, it’s a little creepy to think that developers are spying on your actions. It’s anonymous, but still, very weird. Next time you’re trying to shag Morrigan in Dragon Age, just remember … they’re looking at you. 

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James Stephanie Sterling