BioWare: Activision’s PS3 comments are ‘silly’

Looks like it’s not just Sony that wants to belittle Activision for its infamous comments about a PS3 price cut. BioWare founder Greg Zeschuk has joined in to criticize Bobby Kotick’s remarks, casting aside his threat to pull Playtation support as a silly thing.

I don’t think it’s really fair to poke fun at Sony,” he explains. “Certainly the Wii’s been a massive success and Sony’s probably not going as fast as they thought it would be but I think that they’re starting to make the right moves and the software’s coming along.

I think it’s silly to be saying you’re not going to support Sony. The brand itself is still huge and there are millions of [users] out there.”

As I said in an article this weekend, It is more than likely that Kotick’s threats were rather empty. Evil publisher Activision likes money, and there is still money to be had from the PlayStation brand. However, I think mocking the world’s biggest third party publisher is equally silly, at least as far as Sony goes. 

This PS3 price cut drama is set to continue for quite a while, methinks. Some people are sick of it, certainly, but I do so love to see some corporate mudslinging. Long may it continue.

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