BioShock team getting ambitious

It’s an all too common story in the world of gaming. A great development team creates an amazing game and a franchise is born and moved over to a different development team, which often results in a whole lot less amazement. Of course, from what we’ve seen of BioShock 2 that might not be the end result, but it is certainly how the story begins as it isn’t Ken Levine and the rest of his team that are working on the sequel. No, Levine and his cohorts are moving on to bigger and far more “ambitious” things he told Gamasutra.

What is this game? No idea, but according to Levine it is going to be even more groundbreaking than BioShock, which, if you’ve paid any attention, broke enough ground to be one the most discussed games ever and got a perfect ten from the likes of us. “And when we thought about the shipping date of the project… We needed a certain kind of length for the title, because we had a scope and ambition in mind which is more ambitious than anything we’ve ever done,” he said while discussing the not-so-soon to be released mystery game, “Even more, substantially more ambitious than BioShock. And we knew that was not going to happen overnight.”

So the game will be amazing, we’ll be waiting for it for the next bajillion years and all this story has done is make us wish it was already the day that this game is coming out… and worry a bit about BioShock 2. I’m also pretty sure there is a Shakespearean quote in here. Something about Caesar and ambition. That didn’t work out so well for him, but I think that was within an entirely different context. 

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