BioShock PS3 is gold, demo coming soon

Rejoice, PlayStation 3 owners. 2K Games has announced that BioShock PS3 is finally gold and will be shipping to retailers on October 21st in North America and October 17th worldwide. In addition to shipping the game, 2K are also laying down a PSN demo on October 2 for the three people who have yet to play BioShock.

As announced previously, this version of BioShock is coming with a few exclusives. The confirmed stuff is the new Survivor difficulty mode and Trophy support. The game will also have the option of DLC content, which is rumored to be some crazy zoo area – preferably with rhinos.

As with most upcoming things that are large, rusty, and smell like saltwater I can’t seem to control my excitement. The PS3 version of BioShock will give me yet another reason to explore Rapture’s gloomy hallways again. This time though, no mercy will be given to the Little Sisters.

Brad BradNicholson