BioShock on the Wii? No BioShock 2 for the PC? Internet implodes!

The Internet loves picking up on little things like job listings and then blowing them out of proportion, as if they always actually mean something.

Take this new 2K Games job listing for a UI Programmer for BioShock 2 that Cubed3 found on Gamasutra for instance. The listing says that they’re looking for someone with experience developing for next-generation game consoles, specifically the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and — wait for it — the Wii. BioShock coming to the Wii confirmed? 

Not so fast. Saying that Wii experience is “desired” doesn’t necessarily indicate that they’ll be working with that console’s tools. It’s just that whoever is doing the hiring is looking for up-to-date console experience. With that said, it doesn’t mean 2K has no desire to bring the franchise to the Wii; hell, there’s already a mobile version of the game …

While we’re all jumping to conclusions and looking for clues where there may be none, how about this: one of BioShock 2‘s AI programmers at 2K Marin lists the project on his resume, but makes only mention of the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Wouldn’t one of the folks working on the A.I. for the game also be working on the PC game if such a version did exist? No PC version of BioShock 2 confirmed? 

Not so fast. Outside of a few clues here and there, along with a sexy trailer, 2K hasn’t said much about the game. Yet. But it’s coming, and we’re likely to learn more soon enough. With San Francisco GDC right around the corner, that may be sooner than you’d think. Everyone relax.

Nick Chester