BioShock Developer’s Edition artbook shows up at Take Two store

I have the original BioShock artbook, and while it is ok, it pales next to something like the 288 page Okami artbook that proudly adorns my coffeetable. With a game as rich as BioShock, I wanted something a little bit more hardcore when it came to an artbook. Luckily, someone else had the same idea, and now we have the Developer’s Edition artbook coming our way, which weighs in at a respectable 174 pages.

Only sold through the Take Two store, the softcover book boasts never-seen-before art from the game as well as an introduction from 2K Marin’s Executive Producer, Alyssa Finley. It retails for $24.99 and ships for free. It also says preorder, but there is no note as to when the book is actually coming out. Not that it matters, because I preordered it at the speed of light anyway.You gonna get one too?

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