BioShock could have five sequels

How many BioShock sequels would you like to own? When I posed this question to myself, I was surprised with the answer. I’ll consume as many BioShock titles as 2K are willing to throw at me. Even if the series loses its characteristic look and narrative grace.

I believe that is how most Star Wars movies fans think as well. I imagine they put on their crash helmets any time Lucas opens his mouth, but also welcome any new movie with open arms. The Star Wars vibe has always felt the same, even if the content is questionable.

Recently, 2K global president Christoph Hartmann told MCV that BioShock has the same franchise potential as Star Wars. He added that it is only possible if sequels stay true to the original game. From the interview:

For Bioshock, because it’s so story driven, the question obviously arises: how long can you do it without turning into The Matrix? The first Matrix was great, the second one was weird and the third one, you thought: ‘Who [making this] is on crack and who isn’t?’. “But, then again, look at Star Wars. It’s a fight between good and evil, just like Bioshock. If we spin it the right way and get the right twist of innovation, we can make six parts of it, as Star Wars did.

Hartmann then said, “But we have to be careful not to cash in.”

Brad BradNicholson