Bioshock coming to the PS3? No. Maybe. Probably. Yes! (update — no)

[Update: 2K has just confirmed to us that OPM UK is quoting a press release from after E3 that didn’t specify on a next-gen platform. In September, 2K announced Xbox 360 and PC exclusivity via a new press release. OPM is referring to the old press release from May, according to 2K. — Robert Summa]

Oh, for the love of God …

According to the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Bioshock is on it’s way to the PlayStation 3. No, really. This time we mean it. Perhaps. Well, most likely. I think.

A title we’ve been buzzing about quite a bit, Bioshock was once thought to be a PC and Xbox 360 exclusive. Or maybe it wasn’t. Sure it was! Oh, I’m just so confused.
But according to the magazine, 2K Games only promised limited exclusivity, stating that the game would hit next-generation consoles. No one is pulling the wool over OPSM’s eyes, as they note the “vital plural” in “consoles.” Very clever!

The bottom line is that Bioshock is coming to the PS3. The idea of exclusives is dead this generation; starting getting used to it.

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