Bionic Commando Rearmed rated, not for the children

Bionic Commando Rearmed, Capcom’s Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network revamp of the classic 8-bit title, is nearing release, folks. But make sure the kids are asleep — the game has received ratings in multiple territories, and it looks like the folks at Capcom/GRIN are pulling no punches:

North America (ESRB) – M
Europe (PEGI) – 18+
Germany – 16
Australia – M
Japan – B

That’s right, Bionic Command Rearmed as received mature ratings across the board. The game’s producer, Ben Judd, understands the risks in not compromising the game for a softer rating. 

“It’s a gamble and again, this along with the $10 price tag is not the best business decision,” he writes on the game’s official blog. “But then, one of the things that made those 2D games so great was their innovation. And innovation is founded upon taking risks. No doubt, when the original team made an infamous dictator as the original bad guy and showed his demise in explosive 8-bit glory, they too were taking some serious risks.”

In an email to me, Judd also went out of his way to point out the hot new boss theme music currently thumping on the site’s music player. The verdict? Hot. My excitement for this game is reaching dangerous levels.

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