Bionic Commando on the Wii: we saw this petition coming edition

When Nick let the cat out the bag that Capcom’s Ben Judd had commented that they were still teetering on the idea of porting Bionic Commando to the Wii if consumer interest deemed it necessary, it seemed all but inevitable that the Internet would notice — and take notice it has.

We were wondering how long it would take for the online petitions to show up, and lo and behold, GoNintendo sends this link to our tip line. Now I’m not going to say that this petition is going to make it happen, but I can tell you for certain that Capcom is very much aware of our blogs here at Destructoid. If enough people sign it, you just might make a difference.

One last point of contention though — don’t just give this lip service and sign it blindly. Actually following through with a purchase (should the port become a reality) is the best way to convince Capcom that we need more games like this on the Wii. There is an alternative, you know: endless waves of mini-game based titles that do well to entertain small groups of friends, but do little to boost the singleplayer experience.

With as strong an installed base that the Wii commands, there shouldn’t exactly be a shortage of consoles out there for the game to reside on. So what are you waiting for? I left some room for you underneath my signature.

[Thanks, Senior Costa]

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