Big Bang Mini screenshots and artwork

Ready to give your stylus finger a workout? Big Bang Mini for the Nintendo DS is beginning to look mighty fine. I’ve been trying to find an excuse to put down Geometry Wars for a while, and it appears as though I may have it. Big Bang Mini is the work of Arkedo, the same developer that handled Nervous Brickdown for the DS.  

The point of Big Bang Mini is fairly simple. Take your awesome little ship, and then navigate it through a steady stream of environmental hazards and fireworks to reach the end of a level. The ship is controlled via stylus, both movement and attacking. Just grab the ship, pull to move or stroke towards the enemy to fire. To make the game seem even more hectic, your ship attacks with fireworks. Needless to say, that means there will be tons of color and exploding things on your screen.

Also confirmed for Big Bang Mini is co-op play, a “create your own fireworks” mode, and the promise of a dynamic difficulty system. The game is set to come out in December this year.

Check out the gallery below to prep yourself for tomorrow’s festivities, and see some of the game for yourself.

Brad BradNicholson