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Big Bang Mini was supposed to be out two weeks ago here in the States, but it got hit with a delay. It's now going to be released next week on the 20th, and at the low price of $19.99. Oh, you didn't know it was going to be that cheap? Then you obviously didn't read my hands-on preview of the game. Jerk.  

So why was it delayed? Because developer Arkedo wanted to give us Americans lenticular art. What's lenticular art, you ask? Lenticular art is an image that changes when the person's/camera's perspective of the image shifts. Basically, just watch the above video to see what it is.
I got in touch with the head and founder of Arkedo, Camille Guermonprez, and talked to him talked about Big Bang Mini's box art. Yes, really. Most of the interview is just about the box art. In fact, I never asked him about the game itself once.
Anyway, hit the jump for my interview with Camille as we talk about the game's box art, the state of the box arts in the videogame industry, midget orgies, sharks, and more!

What's so special about Big Bang Mini's box art?

Camille Guermonprez:
It's LENTICULAR! Have you heard of it?

Hey, I'm asking the questions here. Is it the first DS game ever to have lenticular art?

To my knowledge, yes.

Were there other games to feature lenticular art, and how much do you hate those companies for doing it before you?

If I recall correctly, there was a three-frame lenticular sticker on Wario Ware: Twisted on GBA, and a couple of other games a long time ago (one on the Famicom, and another one on the Saturn, I believe). But apart from that, zilch.

[Editor's note: Majora’s Mask for the N64 also has lenticular art. Oh snap!]

This needed to be addressed because lenticular is the French word for “awesome.”

Is lenticular really the French word for “awesome?”

I lied.

Why was the game delayed here in America? You guys made me look like a jerk in my New Release post two Mondays ago. Thanks.

The game was delayed in the US, mainly for 3 reasons:

A) Lenticular.
B) To make you look like a fool.
C) To make you talk about us twice.

What's the song that's playing in the video showing the lenticular box?

I have no idea. Shazam says “1234” by Feist. It was random music we were listening to when we received our first lenticular sample.

Is it best to listen to that song when looking at the lenticular box?

No. It is best to look at our lenticular box while listening to this song. It also works well with many other songs, too. Try it at home!

That answer made no sense. We've talked back and forth a few times and I noticed that you really love the lenticular box so I have to ask ...

You clearly are a master in this area of psychology, Sir.

… Wow, that was totally uncalled for. ANYWAY, would you name any of your future children or pets Lenticular Box Guermonprez?

I will never, ever have more children than my current two (that I am aware of). I need more sleep, and go back to sex now. I have been a good citizen.

And for pets, remember we are French; we eat them, so we prefer not to give them names beforehand (some like it better like this, though).

Would Big Bang Mini play better if I played the game while real fireworks were being set off?

I am sorry, it was really an interesting interview until now, but this question is silly and irrelevant. Did you notice, for instance, that you did not ask me about myself on this one?

I'm so sorry. Okay, how about this. Would Big Bang Mini play better if YOU played it while playing Fantavision, another fireworks game, for the original PlayStation 2?

Yup. Launch title, if I recall correctly. It's a forbidden word in the studio, as it could bring doom to us. It was a big-budget title, with a hell of a marketing backing, and it bombed. It's a powerful name. Please do not mention it a second time.

Okay, I won’t mention Fantavision again.

You know, every time I say Big Bang Mini, I get a picture of midgets having an orgy. Yes, my mind is totally in the gutter, I know.

I believe we came seventh on a "Top 50 list" of games which names could have been a porn movie. We are pretty glad about this one and we really believe that our next game will be on the podium this time. Arkedo is running for gold on this one.

Do you believe you'll be starting a trend with
Big Bang Mini and see a lot of other developers include lenticular art?

Well, we as an industry have got to give more than what we are giving right now, if we want boxed products to survive. Download is super cool, but boxed product is the real thing. You can watch your collection on your desk, things like that. When I was a child, buying a box was a real joy, as there were so many things to discover inside. I have lost that joy for more than 15 years now. And the price is still the same. For a few bucks, you can make a difference, and stand out, so why not give it a try? The retail situation is not as horrible as some picture it sometimes. It is interesting for instance to note that one of the biggest success lately were Guitar Hero and Rock Band, two games whose boxes were about 25 times larger than a regular game box. Lots of things are possible.

I would love to see a DS box with cool holograms, or intelligently designed LEDs. There are also a lot of possibilities with papercraft. Not origami stuff, but paper can be used as raw material, and you can make really cool things with just two pieces of paper you unfold. (I offered this book to my 4-year-old girl, and it's the most amazing and precious thing to her now.) And you can still make amazing things with just one.

What's next for Arkedo?

Wii's next. Maybe a bit of iPhone, too?

The most important question you’ll ever be asked in your entire life: Which do you think are better, sharks or dolphins?

That's an easy one. Sharks, of course. There's no such thing as a cool dolphin.

Last question: How awesome is Big Bang Mini going to be?

So awesome.

Thanks for your time, Camille!

You're welcome, and thanks or the good time, it was fun! :)


Yes, this interview really happened. I know, I'm amazed too.  

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