Beware foreigners! Super Paper Mario can destroy you!

Well, he can destroy your Wii at the very least. That sentence should make you shiver in terror all on its own. Per an announcement made today, the glory that is Super Paper Mario works just fine for US consoles, but attemping play on a PAL or Japanese Wii without the proper upgrades can make you the proud owner of a shiny white brick. Here’s the complete skinny:

We just became aware of an issue with Super Paper Mario that has just been released in the USA. It works fine on US consoles. But if you want to play this game on a PAL or Japanese Wii, be it from an original disc or a backup, make sure you upgrade your Wii firmware to the latest available version before inserting the game.

The game contains an NTSC-U Wii update that is not compatible with early European and Japanese Wii firmwares. Failure to upgrade your Wii with the latest firmware before running Super Paper Mario USA on an import system can result in a bricked Wii.

This issue is not specific to CycloWiz, you’ll have the same problem with any other region free mods/tricks. It doesn’t brick the chip, but the Wii itself, so be very careful! 

Yikes, that kind of sucks. On top of sad stories of delayed console releases and massively expensive game pricing, now overseas gamers with mod chips have to run the risk of destroying their consoles in a moment of carelessness. Are just barely better Virtual Console releases all our neighbors have to write home about? On the other hand, I suppose a country that has the Virtual Girlfriend Lap isn’t exactly phased by something as ordinary as the occasional busted console. 

[Via CycloWiz and mad props to Hushgush for the pic] 

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