Bethesda talks Fallout 4, DLC exclusivity

Fallout 3 is still a couple of months away, but that’s not going to stop Bethesda’s Peter Hines from keeping his mouth shut about the possibility of expanded the series further.

“We didn’t buy the Fallout franchise to just do Fallout 3 and then stop,” Peter says. “But let’s get this one out of the door before we worry about the next one.”

On downloadable content: “when I say exclusive I mean it is exclusive to just the Xbox 360 and PC. If you want to play the Fallout 3 downloadable content you will need to have an Xbox 360 or a PC.”

So by exclusive, you mean “exclusive” and not “timed exclusive,” right? Okay then. I’m glad we had this conversation. Anyone else think it’s too early to be thinking about Fallout 4?

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