Ben Heck presents the portable Atari 7800

Ben Heck rocks.

Simple as that. The guy is not only able to whip up creations that make the average gamer’s mouth hang ajar, but he produces them consistently, making the average electronics dabbler look like a clueless twit. Seriously though, Ben … we fill buckets with the saliva we produce over your creations.

Now! I’ve gibbered enough about Ben, let’s look at his newest foray into mad science. The portable Atari 7800 has a 7-inch widescreen screen to accomodate that big motherboard, rechargable batteries, an A/V output jack, and a combo driving/paddle controller. Freaking amazing. I’m officially requesting a full-size robot crafted out of NES parts who will sing the theme to any game from that era on command while making me cookies.

[Via Engadget — Thanks, Jonathan]

Colette Bennett