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Ben Eberle plays Guitar Hero on expert, shames us all again

2007-12-24 13:51:00  ยท  Colette Bennett

I had to watch this video several times before posting it -- not because my jaw was on the floor, but trying to figure out whether it was real or not, or the results of some insane video splicer trying to make everyone that plays Guitar Hero feel bad about themselves. Despite my matlocking, I couldn't find anything, but you GH scientists may be able to find something, so I'm posting it for your perusal.

I can't help but wonder, would I like Ben Eberle in person? He seems happy at the end, but maybe also like he might turn into one of those kids that never stops bragging. He kind of has the right if this is the real deal, but it also kind of makes you want to throw him out a window, you know?

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