Believe: Assassin’s Solid is real

The internet image of Metal Gear Solid’s Snake in Altaïr’s (Assassin’s Creed) robe may have got a “meh” or a giggle between Foxtoid posts on April Fool’s Day this year. But now we hear that “Assassin’s Solid” is real, no fooling.

IGN reports that you will be able to actually play as Solid Snake in an Altaïr costume from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed. This news comes out of Konami’s MGS 4 Completion Ceremony in Japan, where other nifty collaborations were revealed. It’s not yet clear on how players can obtain the robe; Kojima says that players will have to do something special.

So, Snake is playing dress-up. Do you care? More importantly, who would win in a fight: Snake or Altaïr? 

Dale North