Beautiful Katamari coming to PS3? Target says so

Namco Bandai’s Beautiful Katamari came out for the Xbox 360 in October of 2007, so I have no idea why they’d want to release a PS3 version now. I mean, it’s a good game and all, and I’m all for multiplatform releases, but isn’t this a little late?

If this pre-order page is to be believed, Beautiful Katamari will be shipping for the PlayStation 3 in Feburary. 

It’s listed at $39.99. That sucks, because the Xbox 360 version is less than $20 most places. I will say that rolling a katamari seems easier when the analog sticks are side by side. And maybe there will be new content. I don’t know if its worth $20 more dollars, though. If you ask me, Beautiful Katamari should have been a PSN and XBLA game.

[Thanks, BS3 Owner]

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