Bayonetta delay due to translation, timing

We have to wait until January 2010 for ultra sexy action shooter Bayonetta, as you may recollect from Jim’s droolings on the subject, and while that’s only five months from now, it really is still too long to wait for most of the people dying to play it. Sega West president Mike Haynes had some comments to spill on the delayed US release date:

 It was purely practical reasons to be perfectly blunt, Bayonetta’s coming out in Japan this October but we then need to translate it…. that is one issue. The bigger issue, is that in the western markets, unlike in Japan, bringing out new intellectual property in that November period, really, really, really is a challenge … If we could have launched it — the translation would have made it a challenge — it would have been late November or early December. And we just think that’s a point when consumers are spending all their dollars on Need for Speed, Modern Warfare…hopefully Mario and Sonic.

I see their point, but in my mind Bayonetta could have competed. Of course, I’m probably wrong, considering what massive franchises it would have gone up against. I’ll wait patiently, Sega.

[via Softpedia]

Colette Bennett