Battletoads is not worth dying over

Niero and I both love amateur filmmakers. Granted, Niero’s taste is a little more … Geoffy. Regardless, we love to showcase the best of the best the Internet has to offer. My favorite as of late has been Disappointed People.
In the past few weeks on Weekend Destructainments, I’ve spotlighted a few of their works such as the Devil getting anal raped and Mega Man > Suicide. Today, they’ve released a couple of new videos that further prove that they’re maniacs. Oh, and also funny.
The first video is about a couple of guys who have dates but one of them just wants to keep playing Battletoads. Would you pick hot babes over Battletoads? Actually, would you kill people and threaten your friends life to keep playing Battletoads
One more video after the jump. 

This video really isn’t as focused on video games as the first video, but it’s still good nonetheless. It starts off with two friends playing some GoldenEye 64. The age old classic argument of the controller being broken starts to develop but then the door rings and the pizza has finally arrived. The losing friend decides to take out his anger on the pizza guy and doesn’t tip him. Now, I’m a firm believer of Mr. Pinks no tipping rule, but the pizza guy is the exception to this rule. You always tip him. Otherwise, you’ll die. Or in my case, you get extremely paranoid that if you tip the guy badly, the next pizza you order is going have some horrible extra ingredients. 
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