Battlefield Heroes: 2 million served and counting

The free-to-play — or Play4Free, as EA dubs it — Battlefield Heroes has reached 2 million registered player accounts. While such a number seems awfully high, when you take into consideration the whole “it costs no money” aspect, perhaps it’s not as successful as you might think on impulse.

Alternatively, I could be way out of line here. There aren’t exactly many other free big-name games with comparable production values in existence, so it’s a tough call to make. Whatever the case may be, a bunch of people have played Battlefield Heroes, which is good even if, say, you don’t like the game.

Why? It (hopefully) means good things for those of us who want more free-to-play games, assuming the Battlefield Heroes‘ model is still profitable. I suppose it must be, since they are putting out a “Heroes of the Fall” update on September 30 that adds a new Fall-themed map among other things.

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