Bathe with Slimes, get a toy

I hope everyone reading this bathes on a regular basis because if not you’re really gross. Maybe you want your baths to be a bit more fun, though. What if every bath ended in you getting a new Dragon Quest toy? That’s what the Dragon Quest Bath Balls will do for you.

While bathing you can place one of these Slime shaped bath fizzers into your bath water and it’ll fizzle away until it reveals one of nine little Dragon Quest toys. The fizzes were released last month and have been delighting bathing folks since then, but a few import sites have boxes left. They do come in sets of 12 so if you want all nine you’ll most likely need to get more than one box since I’m guessing you’ll get some dupes in a single box.

You can pick them up at AmiAmi for 3,350 yen ($40) or Hobby Search for 3,876 yen (~$46). Just don’t send in photos of you using them. Slimes fizzing away while you bathe is one of those things that no one else needs to see.

Get Some Dragon Quest Toys by Bathing With a Slime [Game Swag]

Matthew Razak