BARF RAINBOWS! Critter Crunch dated and priced

Critter Crunch is coming to PlayStation Network on October 8 and best of all, it’s going to cost you just $6.99! Why so cheap? Because Capy loves you, that’s why! THEY LOVE YOU SO MUCH THEY BARF RAINBOWS ON YOUR FACE!

We love Critter Crunch here at Destructoid. In fact, had it been on the PAX show floor instead of some random seedy hotel room when we saw it during PAX, it would have been nominated for Game of the Show. It’s a great game and it gives us the excuse to talk about barfing. Next time I throw up from drinking too much, I’m going to say I pulled a Critter Crunch. COMEDY!

[via PlayStation Blog]

Hamza Aziz