Avalanche live streaming Just Cause 2 later today

There are some videogames that are almost more fun to watch than they are to play. Having not played Just Cause 2 myself, I can’t say for sure if it will be one of them, but it sure does look to be that way.

What does this have to do with anything? Avalanche is holding a live stream session at 2:00 PM EST today. The footage will be coming from a community event the developer is holding, and if everything goes according to plan, we can expect to get about 40 minutes of entertainment value out of this.

The virtual event, which will be taking place here on USTREAM, will contain about 20 minutes of straight-up gameplay footage, and the rest will be divided between a Q&A session and a “special announcement.”

Alternatively, if you happen to prefer written word over video, Ben’s got a preview of Just Cause 2 coming up later this evening.

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Jordan Devore
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