Audionerd alert: Korg synth on your DS!

When I was twenty, a guy I was dating invited me to his house to hang out. It was there I met the Korg for the first time, changing my sense of music history forever (not to mention addicting me to its icy electronic pongs and pings). For those of you that have never met the keyboard in person, its sound is responsible for quite a bit of the electronic music you’ve loved in the past and present alike.
This DS emulator, called “Korg DS-10 Synthesizer”, allows you to manipulate some of the classic Korg sounds using the DS touch screen as your guide. It’s the first fully-fledged music tool software for the DS; if I missed your homebrew DS music tool, I apologize in advance — show us in the comments! A mysterious message at the end of the video says this product goes on sale in July of 2008 — you can go see it at the official website. I am officially nipple-stiff for this thing.
[Thanks Aaron!]
Colette Bennett