Attack your boss for massive damage

We told you about Jeanne d’Arc, a Japanese role playing game based on the real life story of story of Joan of Arc coming to the U.S. for domestic release yesterday. While PSP RPGs may or may not float your boat, this commercial might do the trick.

This video is an extended length Japanese commercial for Jeanne d’Arc. It’s a parody of the turn-based strategy game play, yanked right out of the 15th century and dropped into a current day office environment. Three workers attempt to approach their boss (the boss) without dying, but he’s already pissed off, so they’re forced to fight back. This commercial definitely gets its full nerd on with the statistical overlays displaying remaining hit point and magic meters. Also, stick around for the end of the video as it also includes a 15 second television spot for the game.

In related news, be sure to check out the newly launched U.S. Web site for Jeanne d’Arc, which contains new information and screen shots.

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