Atlus site violated, impregnated with Trojan

If you visited Atlus’ official Web site before the weekend, be warned. It’s possible that a filthy trojan virus found its way onto your PC, courtesy of some scumbags who hacked into the niche game publisher’s site and embedded a nasty bit of computer rape. 

Atlus has warned its fans that if they visited the site between 9:00AM PST and 2:30PM PST on Friday, they could be infected. The site was taken offline to prevent the spread of infection, and naturally Atlus has urged users to run a malware scan immediately. 

“The faith and trust of our fans is of the utmost importance to us, a responsibility we don’t take lightly,” announced the publisher. 

Wow, online vandals just get classier and classier. To target Atlus of all companies is a new low, even among the societal rejects and dirtballs who think this sort of thing is fun. The very least they could have done was hack into Activision or something. Still wouldn’t be a good thing, but at least go for the evil publishers.

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