Atlus sends out “Confidential” document, it’s official that I cannot be trusted

I’ve come to the realization that Atlus’ grand plan is to have a new announcement every single day in order to constantly generate excitement about what they are doing in thegaming industry. For the record, it works beautifully on me, and I genuinely cannot remember the last time I was excited to receive emails from a game company. My hat’s off to you, Atlus.

The latest in this cunning world takeover plan is the picture you see above, which was enclosed in an email titled “Confidential”. Of course, I am pretty sure this was not meant for my eyes only, so I choose to share it with you fine people and take the risk that Atlus may have me killed in the dark of night.

According to this little note from Atlus Online, February 23rd will bring some sort of announcement. If you click the picture in the email, it leads to the Atlus Online registration page. You’re so cunning, Atlus! You don’t want just fans, you want rabid devotees (and in fact, I’m sure you already have plenty, me included).

Colette Bennett