Atlus doesn’t want you to post Catherine videos

Captain Obvious just flew overhead and gave me an approving wink from the skies above, giving his nod to my writing of this news item.

Atlus doesn’t want you to post spoiler videos of their upcoming PS3 game, Catherine, set to release in two days here in Japan. On the Catherine Twitter account, Atlus said that it is holding a strict no video policy for all areas of the game ahead of the February 17 release date. 

Is there ever a good time to post spoilers?

Andriasang says that Atlus has also asked that gamers resist posting videos or hosting live video gameplay sessions that show off the end areas of the game.

This all tells me that Catherine is easily spoiled. I’ll take Atlus’ message as a reminder to keep my ears closed in the coming days as I get and start playing Catherine.

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