Atari Mania is a retro-fueled microgame collection

Atari Mania

Coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, and yes, Atari VCS

If you ask me, not enough creators are playing in the WarioWare-esque microgame space. We got a new game last year on Nintendo Switch, sure, but a big part of the fun is that initial discovery phase before you’ve got every zany “think fast!” task figured out. With that in mind, I may not be super into Atari, but the idea behind Atari Mania sounds great.

Atari Mania has 150+ microgames built on the brand’s legacy, from Pong to Adventure to Yars’ Revenge. The team says that we’ll “never think of Bentley Bear the same way again.”

In the game, you’ll play as the Atari Vault caretaker, so there’s a wider story element to bind the ’70s- and ’80s-inspired microgames together. There are “dead pixels” to stop.

As for the gameplay structure, it’ll be a gauntlet of escalating microgames in a random order, culminating in boss battles. So you’ll need to be quick and consistent to survive.

Beyond today’s trailer, Atari Mania developer iLLOGIKA also confirmed collectibles like “vintage Atari art, posters, manuals, and fun facts,” along with “fully playable versions of remastered Atari classics” that can be unlocked via challenges.

Atari Mania microgame screenshot
One of many microgames. Note the timer bar at the bottom.

For me, it’s mostly going to come down to the individual microgames more than anything else — are they fun? Surprising? How deep are these cuts? That said, it’s good to hear that there’s more substance with collectibles, and the price seems reasonable enough.

Atari Mania will launch on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Atari VCS this summer for $19.99.

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