Assassin’s Creed comic mini-series revealed at Comic Con

Right in time for Comic Con, Ubisoft has announced that an Assassin’s Creed comic book mini-series is in development.

The series is being illustrated by Cameron Stewart and Karl Kerschl, and will be revealed at Comic Con next week during a panel entitled “Assassin’s Creed: Behind and Beyond the Brotherhood.” Don’t care for Assassin’s Creed? The panel will be moderated by the lovely Morgan Webb of G4TV, so that’s a thing. The mini-series is part of Ubisoft Montreal’s “UbiWorkshop,” an initiative that will bring the studio’s properties to mediums outside of games.

Lest you be left in the dark over what the comic book may be about, Ubisoft has released a trailer — yes a trailer for a comic book — that sheds a bit of light on the subject. Something about an explosion at a lake, and Soviets. Sort of an unexpected twist based on what we know about the Assassin’s Creed series, and a pretty good tease if you ask me.

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