Artists: kick open the door to your future

In-game art has certainly come a long way since a few cleverly-placed squares could pass as a tank or a dragon. What would titles like Okami and Shadow of the Colossus have been without their stunning visuals to make us feel as though we were part of their worlds? With each new generation of consoles bringing us exponentially more beautiful graphics and imagery, quality artwork has become vital to the success of many games. 

Enter, a web community for aspiring artists who dream of working in the gaming industry. Whether you create art yourself or just enjoy looking at some of the best the internets have to offer, follow the jump for some more details on this amazing resource. 

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of breaking into the industry as a background artist, character designer or any number of other awesome things, joining this community is like posting your resume on a job search engine. You can post your artwork for people to see and comment on, chat with other artists to learn a few new tricks, find the answers to your many art-related questions in the forum and attend workshops where techniques and methods are taught by the pros to help you realize your potential.


Artists aren’t the only ones looking at, either. Companies like Gearbox Software and Lucasarts have been known to stop by in search of the next big thing. Job openings in the industry are posted regularly on the site and announced in community emails so that users are always on top of what’s available.

If you’re a passionate artist waiting to be discovered by someone who appreciates your hard work, there’s no better way to get noticed by the people who can make your dreams a reality. 

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