Art Attack Friday: Tobias Kwan

This week’s featured AAF artist is a young talent by the name of Tobias Kwan. Kwan delivers an artist’s blow to the digital screen with energized mixes of contrasting textures and colors. This stunning effect results in full-bodied work that reeks of distinct excellence and originality.

Kwan captivates game characters in bold action-oriented poses through dramatic perspective that is hard to match, even by the in-game action itself. Atmospheric palettes in pieces such as Riku seem to keep the rendered fabric floating mid-air amidst watered down charcoal shadows. At the other end of the spectrum, it’s hard to compare the spectacular mid-air post-jab to Chun-Li’s face to anything else of its kind. Kwan keeps a relatively updated blog of his work, but also has a gallery chock-full of beautiful illustrated odes to gaming, manga (such as Na Na, one of my favorites), and other sources of nerd culture inspiration.